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M A L C O L M   M A C A S K I L L



2ND - 30TH JUNE 2018

I have been interested in art for most of my life and  started painting about 15 years ago firstly using Acrylics and for the past 10 years have been fully engrossed with Watercolours.  

I originally trained as a Photo Lithographic Colour Corrector and this has helped me when mixing pigments to achieve a desired colour, I enjoy using a restricted colour range - often only three pigments to obtain the required result.

My style is to use multi under - glazes, building and mixing colour with each step. I find it is always challenging and is a completely unforgiving medium but I love it with a passion.  

Being fond of travel I have been influenced by the style of European buildings especially the colours of Southern France and Italy.

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