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piercing bright photography


2ND - 28TH JULY 2018

I’ve always had an unregimented love affair with photography but it was always out of my reach and I was often discouraged so I parked it and forgot about it.


The more cameras became accessible, the more I passionate I became about photography but I always kept it at the back of my mind that it was a hobby and nothing more.  I started venturing out, learning more every time and soon found my niche.  Scapes in Auckland are amazing – land, sea and rivers, Auckland has them all.


Every now and then we can get caught up in being busy living life, photography provides me a fast and easy way for others to look at an image and feel somewhat “still” by seeing what is in your world in an effortless way.


No matter how ugly life gets or how messy relationships become it’s important to remember that we are all journeying through temporary situations.  There are permanent reminders all around us that here’s always a piece of beauty that is just over there to remind us all that – literally just over there.


People are taking more pictures now than ever before, billions of them, but there are no slides, no prints. Just data. Electronic dust. Years from now when they dig us up there won't be any pictures to find, no record of who we were or how we lived - Ed Harris, Kodachrome

Tina Pakipaki : piercing bright photography

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