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The reason for painting a picture seems to be to visually describe the meaning of your own existence. 

To communicate how you see the world around you, in the same way one writes a piece of music, a song or poem, a descriptive interpretation about your personal sense of place in the world. 

So too it appears, it is to paint. 

To be an Artist I have been told, is to be an Explorer, which is an idea that really appeals to me. In this body of work then, there were some key ideas that I wanted to focus my exploration on. That of light, of colour, space and horizons in varied landscapes.


Perspective also interests me,  thinking about the bending or flattening of it in a way that may render more than one point of view. The illusion of distance beyond the horizon, contrasted with an aerial view of the foreground and of the landscape below the horizon line. 

I wanted to explore if more than one perspective can be achieved and still find a balance between realism and the abstraction, that the work is readable as Landscapes, despite its multiple perspective and format. Something of a curiousity for me. 

Throughout the works is the unapologetic use of a hard parallel horizon line, sometimes more than one,  to explore shifting horizons and again, movable perspective. An attempted descriptor of a temporal experience. 

My work is not a literal visual translation but rather a referenced memory  that attempts to describe the sensation, or a feeling of the experience I have had in the landscapes in which I have found myself living. 

When I look into the landscape deeply enough, I see something other than that which first strikes me. I see kinds of strata or 'parallel zones', hence the use of 'line'.

I don't believe we see the world strictly in Landscape format either, but rather in 'chunked' pieces, and in referenced memory from above as well as from ground level. To describe this in words it becomes necessary to speak of the duality of it.


I might say 'seeing in bites, everything all at once', which might just sound completely nuts or make little sense to most, so here instead, it is said in paint. 

I hope you enjoy the colour and get some appreciation of my exploration into the remembered experience. 


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